FAQs on Ruder Finn Internship Program

  • What does Ruder Finn look for in an ideal intern?
  • Loyalty and integrity
  • Sincere passion for the public relations industry
  • Proof (or demonstration) of a focused, logically planned career strategy that clearly indicates applicant's long-term commitment to and interest in PR
  • Open-mindedness, eagerness to learn and self-awareness
  • Excellent decision-making skills
  • The ability to influence, take action and be a strong team player


  • What educational background does Ruder Finn look for?

We don't have special requirements for educational background because we believe that Ruder Finn, as well as the PR industry, benefits significantly from the inclusion of a broad range of individuals from various backgrounds with unique talents and skills. We welcome those with public relations-related courses; other courses and activities that strengthen communications skills and the ability to think critically, show evidence of helping improve team spirit and demonstrate desire for learning, as well as intellectual curiosity are also essential qualities of an effective intern.

  • How do I apply for the Internship Program at Ruder Finn?

Put together your application package, which should include, but is not limited to, an application letter, a current resume and writing/creative assignments. These assignments should demonstrate your ability to analyze a situation, your creativity and/or describe relevant accomplishments. Submit your application package by email to RFcareerAsia@ruderfinnasia.com or RFcareerChina@ruderfinnasia.com (Note: We do not accept emails over 10 MB.) Submit all materials as email attachments and in the subject line, write your name and the sessions for which you are applying. If possible, please avoid sending application materials in more than one email.

  • How is my application package used and does it remain confidential?

Your information always remains confidential at Ruder Finn. It will only be shared with Ruder Finn's talent acquisition members and with the hiring manager who would be overseeing your internship. The information will be used by us to keep in contact with you regarding your interest in our internship program and to evaluate your skills and experience for program requirements.

  • What are the steps in Ruder Finn's hiring process for the Internship Program?

After an initial screening of your resume by our talent acquisition staff, those with qualified resumes are contacted to schedule a series of on-site interviews and Ruder Finn's aptitude tests. Based on the results of the interviews and tests, a final offer of employment is extended to the qualified applicant.

  • When will I hear back from Ruder Finn after I've been interviewed?

Our goal is to contact those individuals we consider qualified candidates within one or two weeks of an interview regarding the next steps if a further interview/test is required or an internship offer is to release. Please feel free to reach out to Ruder Finn talent acquisition staff if you have questions in the interim via the following emails: RFcareerAsia@ruderfinnasia.com or RFcareerChina@ruderfinnasia.com

  • What are the language requirements for working as an intern at Ruder Finn?

Ruder Finn's Internship Program seeks to hire qualified local and expatriate talent. Local applicants must have excellent verbal and written communications skills in Chinese and English, while expatriate applicants must have excellent native English-speaking capabilities and at least basic proficiency in Chinese (for greater China region applicants).

  • How will my internship performance be assessed?

Your internship performance assessment will be conducted upon completion of your first three months of service (our minimum internship length) with Ruder Finn. Typically we will initiate the assessment process at the end of the second month and come to a conclusion at the end of three months. At that time your internship will be under consideration for extension, an offer of formal employment or termination. We will base out decision on the caliber of your performance and tenure. The assessment will be initially handled by Ruder Finn's Human Resources department and finally confirmed and signed by the practice leader/division head. Internship performance assessments include the team's assessment as well as the intern's self-assessment.

  • I am going to graduate. Will a formal employment contract be confirmed after my graduation?

As a critical part of Ruder Finn's talent strategy, our Internship Program offers interns the opportunity to discover whether a career in public relations and/or communications is right for them, and could lead to formal employment. 
Confirmation decisions are based upon each division/practice's staffing plan, hiring needs and successful internship performance assessment.

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