Chanice CHEN, Associate Account Director

Ruder Finn is a big, warm family no matter whether you’re green hand or a senior PR professional. You will have the environment to free your imagination and inspire your creativity. Whenever you need help, the lovely “family members” will be sure to give you a hand. I was lucky to have started my PR career here as an intern six years ago. From PR execution to strategy planning, Ruder Finn gave me a strong heart and encouraged me to face challenges and difficulties proactively. With the motto “Work hard, play hard,” I believe I’ll have sustainable growth together with the team and the family.



Chloe HU, Consultant

As a new member of Ruder Finn, the feeling of a “big family” impressed me most. This familylike atmosphere is not artificial in the least; it is a true description of the close, warm and interactive working environment we have here.



Clytze LI, Consultant

Ruder Finn is an exciting place for amazing adventures, great friendship and excellent professional development. My love for Ruder Finn not only comes from the people I really enjoy being with but also from the culture. Ruder Finn has made me a better person.



Grace LIANG, Account Director

The days I have spent with Ruder Finn will benefit me all my life. I have been helped to develop concrete PR skills by the excellent professionals from the whole network. The culture of being people-oriented always encourages innovation, which demonstrates Ruder Finn’s core value to our clients. I am proud that I can share in the Ruder Finn family’s joy of continual growth and success.



Heidi TANG, Consultant

I have been working at Ruder Finn for close to six years now. For me, Ruder Finn is not just an office; it is a family and school. Every day here, I feel as if I am growing, and that I have the opportunity to share my experiences with my team members.



Helen HE, Senior Consultant

The things I appreciate most about Ruder Finn’s culture are the easy access to our bosses, the open communications model and the harmonious working environment. Consequently, I have been very happy to be part of this wonderful family for so many years.



Jessica LI, Account Director

I have been with Ruder Finn for twelve years now. Ruder Finn has given me the opportunity to try different practices, allowing me to greatly enrich my PR skills. Even though we have encountered various challenges, I am proud to grow together with Ruder Finn, as part of such a diversified, familylike, yet professional working environment.



Joyce ZHANG, Consultant

Though I am still a junior staff member in Ruder Finn Guangzhou, my colleagues and leaders have already given me great opportunities to take responsibility and make decisions on my own, which has enabled me to be close to the core business and grow and develop at the start of my career. Ruder Finn respects the rights of staff and makes valuable investment in staff training. I am willing and proud to be progressing together with my company.



Kaixi LI, Senior Consultant

Ruder Finn is more than an employer to me; it is a place .where I can be myself and feel a sense of belonging. My team members seem more like family than co-workers. We share ideas as well as moments of happiness and even sadness, but most importantly, we share the same values. It is love that holds everyone together, and makes us grow stronger. Ruder Finn also discovers and nurtures young PR talent through detailed and systematic mentoring. Ruder Finn has given me faith and opportunities to grow. I feel very lucky to have chosen Ruder Finn as my first job.



LIU Cheng, Vice President

Toils and tears can’t tear us apart because we are all always together, as a team, as a family



Ryan DAI, Senior Account Executive

Ruder Finn is an amazing place to work. I started my PR career at Ruder Finn as a rookie intern in February 2010, and since then my journey here has not only helped me to become stronger, but has also brought me a group of true friends. It is these unexpected friendships that I cherish the most. RF is now my family, which truly helps me through the difficult times.