Antoine MONOD, Director, Sales and Marketing, Activation

At the local and regional level, I have found very welcoming and professional teams dedicated to their clients. It's a very positive, creative and … fun environment to be part of.



Catherine TAN, Senior Consultant

What I like about working at Ruder Finn: The familylike atmosphere and the sheer amount of talent surrounding me.



CHEN Terng Shing, Consultant

Working at Ruder Finn has been a great experience for me, especially compared to some of the larger agencies in Singapore. Though it is a global agency, Ruder Finn ensures we don’t feel like just another ‘spoke’ in the wheel by giving us the opportunity to express individuality in our work.



Jason PUAH, Director

The culture at RFA fosters a professional working yet casual learning environment. Seniors and peers are always available to dish out sound advice and offer that bit of special out-of-the-box idea. The support is truly invaluable.



Seraphim CHEONG, Director

Key qualities that determine the success of a PR consultancy are the quality of its people and their ability to work together as a team. Ruder Finn has definitely been able to strike this fine balance – attracting the right talent and creating an environment for everyone to work together as a family to ensure we deliver quality results to our clients. We strive to not let our teams and our clients down.



Trevor HAWKINS, Senior Counsel

Working with companies operating in the world’s biggest consumer market—China— is an exhilarating challenge for any PR professional. RFA is a major player in that space.



YU Poh Leng, General Manager, VP

Joining Ruder Finn is a refreshing change after having worked in two global and listed PR agencies in the past. As GM for one of the key Ruder Finn offices in Asia, I have been given the flexibility to shape the office culture to one that fits the local business environment. Teamwork is the key driving force that rallies the team together to position Ruder Finn as one of the major PR players in the market. For me, the challenge of helming an expanding office has been made easier with the support of colleagues and a boss that I could rely on at all times.