Today, public organizations and private companies have increased expectations about the benefits of their communications efforts to achieve corporate goals. They want to be more visible; they want to be closer to their audiences and positioned differently from what have, up until now, been programs tied to conventional formulas.


Ruder Finn Asia created Activation, a unique practice and a first in the PR industry, to specifically address the needs of corporations that want durable, creative partnership opportunities to strengthen the emotional link between themselves and their audiences.


This new kind of relationship allows clients to reach out to and engage targeted publics and/or markets. For example, besides traditional business functions like conferences, we have seen an unprecedented demand in Asia for a prominent role for arts and culture as a platform for communications. Activation was conceived as a unique practice that could open a special world encompassing a broad, proactive range of platforms for communications, as well as an introduction to strategic partners in the area of arts and corporate social responsibility (CSR).