From its earliest days in the 1950s, Ruder Finn, has recognized the importance of social responsibility in public relations and its impact on business. Our CSR capability is built on longtime experience and genuine passion.


Ruder Finn Asia’s CSR team was created more than a decade ago. At that time, there was increased government and corporate interest in CSR, but very limited public interest. In China, we were the only PR firm to have the foresight and initiative to assemble a dedicated CSR team to develop programs with both multinational and local companies. Today, our strong, extensive partnerships in Asia allow us to build effective communications platforms involving government, NGOs and various business sectors. We work closely with companies to assist them in becoming model corporate citizens, enhancing and promoting their relationships with key stakeholders. We align communications programs with our clients’ strategic business goals and the overall needs of the community.


In the last few years, we have witnessed an unprecedented convergence of social media and CSR. This understanding has allowed us to recognize and value social media as one of the most effective platforms that is changing the way CSR efforts are communicated today.