Ruder Finn Asia CSR Partnerships


  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek : 2nd Annual Global Green Business Summit 2010. Coinciding with the Shanghai Expo, the Summit brought together thought leaders, senior government policymakers and top business executives from China and abroad to discuss challenging issues of sustainability.
  • CSR Asia : We partner with CSR Asia for their annual CSR Asia Summit in different Asian cities to discuss key CSR issues and strategies.
  • Global Green Economic Forum (GGEF) 2013 : Ruder Finn Asia served as the exclusive PR partner of GGEF 2013, an annual gathering of global thought leaders to inspire actionable solutions for a “green economy” and a sustainable future.
  • MTV Exit : We joined forces with MTV Exit to help spread the message about human trafficking in Asia by supporting the launch of the animé feature, ‘Intersection.
  • The Body Shop : We teamed up with The Body Shop Singapore for the STOP (Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People) campaign, aimed at raising awareness of this important global issue.
  • The Media Alliance : Our Chairman serves on the board of directors of this organization that helps increase and improve communications on a wide range of issues covering social and sustainable economic development in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Tsinghua Ruder Finn CSR Program : A five-year collaborative CSR program with the prestigious Tsinghua University resulted in the annual publication of the CSR Index Report.