Our In-Depth Experience and Expertise Include:

  • Deep understanding of public policy, political and commercial sensitivities, stakeholders and industry sectors.
  • Ability to support corporate reputation and establish consistent brand awareness through integrated communications programs.
  • Connecting the world of public affairs to the world of business, which relies on authentic relations, innovative thinking and realistic understanding of how both parties function.
  • A dedicated team focused on developing and implementing corporate citizenship strategies.
  • Tangible results when connecting with stakeholders—including media, the public, NGO partners, investors or governments.
  • Wide-ranging, long-established contacts that allow us to pair clients with appropriate influencers or sponsorships.
  • A history of supporting industry leadership in crisis situations, as well as supporting corporations through issues management with dedicated teams of experts and trainers.
  • Successful strategic communications on change management after acquisitions or mergers.