Our Technology practice is one of our largest global groups. Clients come to us for new thinking and a track record of enabling organizations in states of reinvention, innovation and disruption to compete and win. We help reposition clients around new missions, reinvigorated product portfolios and new leadership. Whether you’re powering the cloud, connecting people to real-time information, transforming customer communications, or paving the way for new computing models, our team delivers impactful results.


Ruder Finn is rooted in driving critical communications around business model transformation. We shed light on the world’s biggest innovators—from start-ups to the largest, multinational technology powerhouses. We’re passionate about helping companies build reputations, tell dynamic stories and engage stakeholders. We do this fluently across B2B and B2C audiences, along with the people and channels that influence them. Ruder Finn also specializes in communications across verticals in this sector—a core competency today when every company is a technology company and vertical depth offers true differentiation. In a broad range of sectors from healthcare to smart cities to telecommunications, we have the relationships and sector knowledge to tell powerful stories.