Our In-Depth Experience and Expertise Include:

  • Understanding of Asia's pharmaceutical industry, healthcare reforms, clinical data, treatment paradigm and compliance programs. 
  • Talent and skill to design and execute communications programs that are relevant, appropriate and ethical in Asia's fast-evolving, complex healthcare environment. 
  • Strategic, integrated communications for a product life cycle from scientific research, to regulatory approval, to product launch.
  • Superior product knowledge; an understanding of physicians' and patients' needs and concerns; media angles and focus to drive disease awareness and product adoption. 
  • Sensitivity about timing and leveraging product launches, mergers, acquisitions or CSR programs.
  • Strong experience working with scientific organizations, patient support and advocacy groups.
  • Insights into showcasing a corporation's environmental care initiatives and impact in local communities.
  • Dedicated social media team that understands the current healthcare environment and consumer needs.