Global Awards

  • Finalist: PR Agency of the Year (Singapore)

MOB-EX 2015
  • Bronze award for CRM Loyalty and Engagement:GrabTaxi: Beating the Biggest Competitor – fixed human behavior

PR News 2015
  • Gold Award for Best Product Launch Campaign:GrabTaxi: Beating the Biggest Competitor – fixed human behavior
  • Silver Award for Best Consumer PR Campaign:GrabTaxi: Beating the Biggest Competitor – fixed human behavior

  • Best Media Relations Campaign: Michael J. Fox Foundation – Parkinson's in Prime Time

Big Apple 2014
  • Internal Communications: Norvatis"Long Live Life"internal campaign
  • Reputation Management: Norvatis
  • Public Service − Government, Associations & Non–Profit Organizations: The Michael J. Fox Foundation "Parkinson's in Prime Time"

Bronze Anvil 2014
  • Website: Novartis' employee engagement campaign, "Long Live Life"
  • External Video Programs: "Leapfrogging the Competition: The MetLife GTO Story" (RFI Studios)
  • Award of Commendation in the Media Relations – NGO: Michael J. Fox Foundation "Parkinson's in Prime Time"

  • Shortlist – Food & Nutrition: Mondelez International – Oreo Trending Vending

CIPRA 2014
  • Best Team of the Year: Health & Wellness Team
  • Young PR Professional of the Year
  • Shortlist:Internal Communications Campaign

Communiqué 2014
  • Finalist: Consultancy of the Year: Ruder Finn UK

EFFIE 2014
  • Shortlist for Good Works by Brands: Wrigley's Bin It! Program

  • Silver award for Best Use of Public Relations:Novartis Vaccines for Protecting Our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningococcal Disease

PRWeek 2014
  • Shortlist for Midsize Agency of the Year: Ruder Finn Inc.
  • Global Campaign of the Year: Novartis Vaccines, Protecting Our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningococcal Disease
  • Highly Commended in Change Management Campaign of the Year : Mondelez International – Mondelez International’s Mobile Futures program
  • Finalist – Employee Communications: AstraZeneca – 50,000 Voices Coming Together As One


SABRE 2014
  • Consumer Consultancy of Asia-Pacific:Ruder Finn Asia
  • Gold SABRE for Pharmaceutical: Sanofi FRIEND Project – Breast Cancer Patient Support
  • Finalists:
  • GrabTaxi: Beating the Biggest Competitor – fixed human behavior
  • Visa Financial Literacy Alliance
  • VW Leadership Elevates Sports Car Culture in China
  • Consumer Consultancy of the Year:Ruder Finn Inc.
  • Executive Leadership: Novartis' employee engagement campaign, "Long Live Life"
  • Finalist:
    • Reputation Management: Infor; Marketing to Youth; AbbVie: CF Scholarship
    • Marketing to Youth; AbbVie: CF Scholarship
    • Pharmaceutical: TRX partnership with Novartis and the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Olympics Program
    • Midsize Agency of the Year


PR News 2014
Honorable Mention
  • Employee Communications Online: Baxter, supported by Ruder Finn Inc. - Hemophilia Home: Bringing Together Baxter's Global Hemophilia Franchise
  • Intranet: Baxter, supported by Ruder Finn Inc. - Hemophilia Home: Bringing Together Baxter's Global Hemophilia Franchise
  • Honorable mention form Best Education and Training:Executive Training Program
Kathy Bloomgarden
  • Best Place to Work in PR: Ruder Finn Inc.

Bulldog Reporter Stars 2013
  • Global Agency of the Year, Multinational Practice

Medical Marketing Media 2013
  • Finalist (PR): Roche – Roche Diabetes Care Team's ‘Steve's Mountain’ Campaign

Shanghai PR 2013
  • Silver Award:Sanofi FRIEND Project – Breast Cancer Patient Support
  • PR Excellence Award for Social Effect:Watches & Wonders – First Asia Haute Horlogerie Exhibition

Telly 2013
  • SILVER Awards (Internet/Online Video):Informational Video: Michael J. Fox Foundation
  • BRONZE Awards (Internet/Online Video):Animation Use: Michael J. Fox Foundation
  • Non-Broadcast Productions/ Social Responsibility:The Concordia Idea
  • 2012 Ingenuity Awards (Internet/Online Programs, Segments, or Promotional Pieces): Use of Animation
  • PEOPLE’S TELLY BRONZE Awards: Michael J. fox Foundation


The Holmes Report 2013
  • Winner: Scott Schneider, Chief Digital Office, Ruder Finn


Big Apple 2013
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns(USD100,000 or Less):
    Caribou Coffee, Amy’s Blend – Ruder Finn Supports Caribou Coffee to Raise Highest Amount Ever for 17th Annual Amy's Blend Program
  • Public Service Campaigns (USD100,000 or Less):
    Caribou Coffee, Amy’s Blend – Ruder Finn Supports Caribou Coffee to Raise Highest Amount Ever for 17th Annual Amy's Blend Program
  • Issues Management (Government, Associations & Non-Profit Organizations): American Urological Association – The American Urological Association Protests Controversial Government Task Force Recommendation
  • President’s Award: Emmanuel Tchividjian, Senior Vice President and Chief Ethics Officer, Ruder Finn
  • Honorable Mention (New Media/Social Media Campaign): Caribou Coffee, Amy’s Blend

Bronze Anvil 2013
  • External Video Programs: The Michael J. Fox Foundation – How Do We Cure Parkinson's Disease? Video

CIPRA 2013
  • Golden Award for Health & Wellness Communication:Sanofi FRIEND Project – Breast Cancer Patient Support
  • Silver Awards for CSR:Visa Financial Literacy campaign
  • Professional PR Manager of the Year

PR News 2013
  • PR NEWS Best Places to Work in PR

PRWeek 2013
  • Employee Engagement: Celebrating 200 Years Citi − Igniting Employee Pride with a Global Celebration
  • Honorable Mention (Media Relations, Marketing):Bristol-Myers Squibb Virology

SABRE 2013


  • Pharmaceutical (Rx) : Turbo and Scott Program – Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation Turbo and Scott Program


  • Public Education: The Michael J. Fox Foundation – Fox Trial Finder Launch Campaign with The Michael J Fox Foundation
  • Media Relations (Corporate Media): Novartis – Novartis Reinforces Industry Leadership with Strategic Media Coverage Despite Challenging Business Environment

Certificate of Excellence

  • Media Placement (Digital): The Michael J. Fox Foundation – Fox Trial Finder Launch Campaign with The Michael J Fox Foundation

Stevie 2012
  • Gold Winner (Internal/Employee Communications):Citi® Music – Igniting Employee Pride Through Global Music Video

Videographer 2012
  • Award of Excellence (Music Video): Citigroup – Citi® Music

Big Apple 2012
  • Winner (Multicultural Public Relations): Bristol-Myers Squibb – Turning the HIV Fight into a Movement program
  • Honorable Mention
    • Integrated Communications: Mountain Dew – ATVI's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Rank Up Your Game With Double Xp program
    • Marketing Consumer Services: Abbott – Advancing the CFCareForward Scholarship Legacy

Bronze Anvil 2012
  • Creative Tactics: Novartis – Turbo and Scott Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) eBook Program
  • Websites (Internal/Intranets): Celebrating 200 Years of Citi − An Employee Intranet Site
  • Internal Video Programs/Corporate Organization Features: Citigroup Citi® Music – Igniting Employee Pride Through Global Music Video
  • Websites (Internal/Intranets): L'Oreal Matrix – Connecting Salon Professionals Nationwide with L'Oreal Matrix Social Networking Site

CIPRA 2012
  • Golden Award (New Launch): Emirates A380 Beijing Inaugural Flight
  • Silver Award
    • Integrated Communications: USA Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo 2010
    • Event Management: The Cool Life with Cotton – Cotton Field Exhibition
  • Best Team of the Year: Premium Consumer Team
  • Young Professional of the Year Award

Communiqué 2012
  • Finalist (Excellence in UK Media Relations):Novartis -- Meningitis Matters campaign

PR News 2012
  • Finalist (Green PR Campaign): PepsiCo – Dream Machine Recycling Initiative Supports Dreams for Local Communities and Disabled U.S. Veterans
  • Hall of Fame: David Finn
  • Honorable Mentions
    • Corporate Social Responsibility Leader: Sarah Coles
    • PR Team Leader of the Year: Rachel Spielman

SABRE 2012
  • Finalists
    • Consumer Health: Abbott CFChef campaign
    • Multicultural Marketing : Bristol-Myers Squibb Virology: Fight HIV Your Way
    • Corporate Social Responsibility: PepsiCo Dream Machine Recycling Initiative
  • SILVER SABRE Runner-Up
    • Branding and Identity: Abbott CFCareforward Scholarship program
    • Website: Abbott CFChef campaign

Telly 2012
  • Non-Broadcast Productions
    • Corporate Image: Citigroup – Citi® Music
    • Motivational: Citigroup – Citi® Music
    • Music/Concert: Citigroup – Citi® Music

17 PR 2011
  • Winner: 2011 Top Employers Award

MarCOM 2011
  • Platinum (Community Marketing/Promotion Event and Marketing Materials )
    • AFF's Annual Trash Cleanup
    • Infant & Toddler Connection of the Shenandoah Valley

Big Apple 2011
  • Winner (Marketing Consumer Services - Healthcare ): Abbott's CFCareForward Scholarship program

21st Century Business Herald 2010
  • Winner (Best PR Agency) The Best Service Provider of Luxury Industry

The Gold Standard 2010
  • Winner (Country Promotion):USA Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo (Ruder Finn Asia was part of the communications team hired by the USA Pavilion).


Webby 2010


Bronze Anvil 2010
  • Winner: Bristol-Myer Squibb – Raising Awareness of Chronic Hepatitis B Among Asian−Americans, Health Reporting Handbook
  • Awards of Excellence
    • Quallion LLC
    • Novartis Corporate Reputation campaign

CIPRA 2010
  • Golden Award (Long-term CSR Campaign):L’Oreal China -- Women in Science: China Young Women Scientists Award

Telly 2010
  • Bronze Awards
    • Agency of the Year.
    • Counterpart,
    • Seagram's Brazilness
    • Moore Carnegie Medal of Philosophy

PRWeek Asia 2009
  • Certificate of Excellence: Volkswagen Green Future Olympic Host City Tour
  • Honorable Mention: Cotton Beyond Your Imagination

Big Apple 2009
  • Winners
    • Promise of Meningitis Prevention Brings Vaccines Industry Out of the Shadows
    • Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Celebrating the Spirit
  • Honorable Mentions
    • Alcon Acquisition: Ruder Finn's Vision Delivers Novartis' Farsighted Strategy to Key Audiences
    • Getting the Facts About Tuberculosis in Africa to Those Most Affected

PRWeek 2009
  • Honorable Mention (Arts, Entertainment & Media Campaign): Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater – Celebrating the Spirit

SABRE 2009
  • Gold SABRE: Novartis CEO Leverages Leadership – Navigating Choppy Waters and Weathering Worst Economic Environment in Decades
  • Silver SABRE: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater – Celebrating the Spirit

Shanghai PR 2009
  • PR Excellence Award (Creative Excellence): Huai Hai Lu 796 Campaign

The Gold Standard 2009
  • Finalist: Public Affairs (Consultancy)

Best of The Best in IT PR 2008
  • Ruder Finn was named among the top Five large PR agencies by PRSourceCode

Davey 2008

Silver Anvil 2008
  • Events and Observances, Government (more than seven days): 10 Signature Events that Introduced Jamestown to the World: America's 400th Anniversary
  • Awards of Excellence
    • Events and Observances, Government (less than seven days): Creating, Executing and Promoting a Multifaceted Communications Plan −America's Anniversary Weekend (America's 400th Anniversary)
    • Marketing Consumer Products: Hitting a Grand Slam with Wolf Blass Wine's "Boldest Play"

The Web 2008

Big Apple 2008
  • Honorable Mention: Love is Not Abuse – Liz Claiborne

CIPRA 2008
  • Golder Award (Environmental Protection):Volkswagen Environment Education Initiative
  • Silver Award (Corporate Social Responsibility): Audi Driving Dreams Program

PR News 2008
  • Winner (Cause Branding Campaign): Love is Not Abuse – Liz Claiborne

SABRE 2008
  • Gold SABRE (Financial Communications): Novartis Investor Relations – Maintaining Confidence During Pharma’s Darkest Hour with Novartis
  • Bronze SABRE (Media Placement − Newspaper):Tekturna Wins Gold!

Webby 2008
  • Winner (Activism): Love Is Respect website

Creativity 2007

 Ruder Finn received two CREATIVITY 36 Awards in the Branding Campaign Category

International Business 2007

Trumpet 2007
  • One GOLDEN TRUMPET and three SILVER TRUMPETS Ruder Finn was awarded four Trumpets for distinguished achievements in Public Relations.

Big Apple 2007
  • The Best of the Best (Financial/Investor Relations):Getting Down to Business - Novartis Raises Its Stock Among the Business and Financial Press

Davey 2007
  • Four Silver Awards: Ruder Finn was awarded four Silver Davey Awards for out-of-the-box thinking and originality.

PRWeek 2007
  • Honorable Mentions
  • Reputation Management (Companies with sales of more than $500m): Novartis Thrives in an Industry under Siege
  • Internal Communications (less than 10,000 employees): A Booster Shot of Employee Morale for a Failing Vaccines Company, The Chiron Acquisition - Novartis

SABRE 2007
  • The Best of the Best (Financial/Investor Relations):Getting Down to Business – Novartis Raises Its Stock Among the Business and Financial Press
  • Winners
    • Use of Internal Video: Novartis Corporate Image Video: Our Focus. Our Stories.
    • Internal Communications (less than 10,000 employees): A Booster Shot of Employee Morale for a Failing Vaccines Company – The Chiron Acquisition – Novartis
    • Corporate Social Responsibility: Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD) Positioning a Champion of Tropical Disease Research
  • Honorable Mention (Reputation Management − Companies with sales of more than $500m):Novartis Thrives in an Industry under Siege.

Silver Anvil 2007
  • Winner (Investors Relations): Getting Down to Business: Novartis Raises Its Stock among the Business and Financial Press
  • Award of Excellence (Marketing Consumer Products − Non-Packaged Goods): Macy's - Creating a Path for Peace in Rwanda

Telly 2007
  • Winner: Museum of Modern Art - The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Building
  • Bronze Awards
    • Open Oncology: GIPAP - Glivec International Patient Assistance Program
    • Novartis - Corporate Image Video: Our Focus. Our Stories.
    • Jamaica Tourism Board - The Jamaican Music Festival VNR

Webby 2007

Agency Pyramid 2006
  • Winner (Feature, News Articles or Op-Eds):Novartis - Amazing Women: The Patient Story

W3 2006

Big Apple 2006
  • Winners:
    • Community Relations: Novartis Corporate Image Video: Our Focus. Our Stories. "Contemporary Voices: Work from the UBS Art Collections"
    • Cause-Related Marketing: Liz Claiborne - Teaching Teens Love is Not Abuse
    • Marketing Communications: XOSoft, Inc. - Disaster Recovery Doesn't Need to Be a Disaster
    • Website: Treat Eczema Now
  • Honorable Mentions
    • Corporate Communications Reputation Management: Novartis Thrives in an Industry under Siege
    • Corporate Social Responsibility: GIPAP - A Pharmaceutical Company Shows its Heart
    • Cause-Related Marketing: Gerber - Gerber Partners to Prevent Obesity One State at a Time

Bronze Anvil 2006
  • Awards of Commendation
    • Twinings Tea - Twinings' 300th Anniversary Tea Bag
    • Novartis - Pharma Business Review: Connecting and Educating A Global Work Force

PRWeek Asia 2006
  • Certificate Of Excellence: UNICEF / Audi - Driving Dreams

SABRE 2006
  • Winners:
    • Cause-Related Marketing: Liz Claiborne - Teaching Teens Love Is Not Abuse
    • Corporate Social Responsibility: GIPAP - A Pharmaceutical Company Shows its Heart

Silver Anvil 2006
  • Award of Excellence (Public Services - Business): Liz Claiborne - Teaching Teens Love Is Not Abuse

Big Apple 2005
  • Winners:
    • Crisis Communications: Putting the Safety of Babies First: Gerber Responds to a Major Tampering Incident
    • Marketing Communications of Existing Health Care Category: The Amazing Women Campaign Launch - Novartis

Bronze Anvil 2005
  • Winner (Magazines): Novartis Pharmaceuticals: The Missing Link: How a Magazine Connects and Educates a Far-Flung Work Force
  • Commendation (Magazines): MOVE! The Ruder Finn Group

SABRE 2005
  • Gold SABRE (Corporate Social Responsibility):Michelin International - The Road to Sustainable Mobility
  • Silver SABRE (Consumer Health): Weight Watchers Launches Turnaround
  • Bronze SABRE (Research for Publicity): The Serotonin Story - Novartis
  • Iron SABRE (Workplace Initiative): To Inspire and Be Inspired

Silver Anvil 2005
  • Winner (Crisis Communication/issues Management): Putting the Safety of Babies First: Gerber Responds to a Major Tampering Incident
  • Award of Excellence
    • Community Relations: Millennium Park: Polishing Chicago's New Shining Jewel
    • Public Service: The American Nurses Association's ''Take Action for Healthy Blood Pressure' Tour

Pyramid 2004
  • Three Award Winners: Marketing, Internet, Best of the Best: Talk IBS - Zelnorm Novartis - Marketing

Big Apple 2004
  • Winners:
    • Employee Communications: Schering-Plough
    • Marketing Communications/Existing Technology: NEC
    • Events (1 to 7 days): Imodium
    • Corporate Branding: Pharma Business Review
  • Honorable Mention: Seeds of Peace

Bronze Anvil 2004
  • Winner
    • Pharma Business Review - Novartis
    • UNIFEM

SABRE 2004
  • Gold SABRE: The Birth of AIDS Communications
  • Silver SABRE
    • Talk IBS: Zelnorm - Novartis
    • Handspring

Silver Anvil 2004
  • Winner: SEAWEB
  • Award of Excellence: Imodium - McNeil Pharmaceuticals

Big Apple 2003
  • Winners
    • Re-inventing Research - Novartis
    • The Campaign for Nursing (Johnson & Johnson)
    • The ABCs of IBS - Novartis
    • Governor''s Island, NY
  • Honorable Mentions
    • Novartis Shines During Pharma''s Dark Days
    • The Art of Partnership - Novartis Biotech
    • Financial/Investor Relations: : Governor Gray Davis, Jr., California
    • Newsletter/Magazine: MOVE! magazine

Bronze Anvil 2003
  • Winners
    • Lamentation: 9/11
    • Novartis: Think What''s Possible
  • Commendation: Making Gerber a Nutrition Champion

PRWeek Asia 2003
  • Certificate of Recognition (Product & Promotions Category − Healthcare): Ethical: Serono - The First Asian Biotech Baby

PRWeek 2003
  • Winner: Governor's Island, NY

SABRE 2003
  • Gold SABRE: Think What's Possible - Novartis Corporate Reputation.
  • Bronze SABRE: Citibank: A Century in Asia
  • Honorable Mention: Citigroup 100th Anniversary in Asia

Silver Anvil 2003
  • Winners
    • Novartis Shines During Pharma's Dark Days
    • Governor's Island, NY
  • Award of Excellence: Novartis, the ABCs of IBS

IPRA 2002
  • Certificate of Excellence
    • V-Day for the Afghan Women's Summit
    • Novartis: "Think What's Possible"

Big Apple 2002
  • Honorable Mentions
    • Financial/Investors Relations: Governor Gray Davis, Jr., California
    • Newsletter/Magazine: MOVE! Magazine

CIPRA 2002
  • Golden Award for Excellence: Audi A8 Launch
  • Golden World Award and Special Evaluation:Citigroup: Asian Centennial Campaign
  • Certificate of Excellence: Audi China: Poetry in Motion

PRWeek Asia 2002
  • Winner (Specialist Technique): Audi A6 Road Show, China
  • Certificate of Excellence:
    • Technology: Wavecom: WISMO Pac Launch -
    • Corporate Publications: Citibank: A Century in Asia
    • Specialist Technique: Citigroup
    • Promotions: Audi China: Event for Auto China 2002

PRWeek 2002
  • Winner (Investors/Financial Relations): Governor Gray Davis, Jr., California
  • Honorable Mentions
    • Campaign of the Year: Governor Gray Davis, Jr., California
    • Healthcare Campaign of the Year: Novartis: Gleevec

SABRE 2002
  • Bronze SABRE (Employee Communication):Novartis: Live Better
  • Bronze SABRE Certificate of Excellence
    • Annual Report: Infonet
    • External Publication: MOVE! magazine
  • Iron SABRE Certificate of Excellence (Employee Communications):
    • MOVE! magazine
    • Infonet: The Grid

Silver Anvil 2002
  • Winner: Governor Gray Davis, Jr., California

Big Apple 2001
  • Winners (Marketing Communications):
    • Magex Limited
    • Target Corporation
  • Honorable Mentions (Public Affairs): Schering-Plough: Veterans

Big Apple 2000
  • Winners
    • Marketing Communications: Jersey Gardens
    • Cause-Related Marketing: Flower Power - Novartis
  • Honorable Mention (New Technology): Teaching Teens - IcanBuy

Big Apple 1999
  • Winners
    • Reputation Management: Cabletron - Turn Around (or Tunraround?)
    • Observances (one to seven days): AT&T - Top of the World
    • Investors Relations: Internet Security Systems
  • Honorable Mention (Public Affairs): Seeds of Peace Middle East Summit