Ruder Finn India has provided a consistently high level of service for edX over the last 2 years. We have an excellent relationship with the team, who clearly understand our business and our needs. They have produced great results to promote our growing presence in India as well as highlighting our commitment to the country, successfully communicating our brand values and promoting our courses.

Nancy Moss, Director of Communications, edX


Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

I am thrilled, delighted, impressed, grateful, happy, amazed and many more adjectives by the remarkable response you have elicited from the media in India (and around the world) for the BGL in Mumbai. They say it takes a village but I think with BGL it takes much more— talent, insight, intelligence, patience, etc. I was a very tough client from day one and I wasn't shy about being aggressive about our expectations. If I had any reservations or concerns, I have been turned around 180 degrees. You have done a fantastic job and the coverage is nothing short of miraculous. This is a complicated project— not easy to communicate. It is complex and rich in stories and ideas. That's great raw material but it is challenging to make it simple and understandable for the people who aren't living with it daily. Quite an accomplishment. My thanks— personally, professionally and on behalf of SRGF. Your fan.

Eleanor R. Goldhar, Deputy Director and Chief of Global Communications