Bang & Olufsen

We are very happy with Ruder Finn's performance and expect to continue our working relationship with the agency. The team's strengths: performance is consistent throughout and they have an ability to respond very quickly to tight deadlines, without any compromise on work quality. The team is also good at communicating and keeping us updated at all times.

Cheryl Ai Ling, PR Manager of B&O Asia



Ruder Finn is one of Cartier's close partners. We are consistently impressed with Ruder Finn's commitment to “Insight and Innovation.” Ruder Finn's performance and achievements always reflect these values-- both on a retainer and project basis. We highly appreciate the professionalism and passion from the entire Ruder Finn team, and we believe our partnership will certainly continue, providing even more phenomenal impact and vision.

Rebecca Zhang, PR & Publicity Director of Cartier China


Good planning, with detailed follow-up and budget control. Excellent event support with excellent media results.

Felicia Deng, Communication Manager, East China


After happily working together on a project basis for years, we are strongly impressed by Ruder Finn's professionalism and unbelievable passion to Cartier.

Crystal Xu, Communications Manager, North China


Club Med

Thank you for your great effort last night! We got it done finally although the preparation time was extremely tight. Very proud to work with you all!

Olivia Chen, Marketing Manager


Cotton Inc.

The Ruder Finn team has demonstrated a deep understanding of our program. Their plan is fresh and creative with an excellent understanding of the Internet and e-PR, which is so vital to any public relations program today.

Ric Hendee, Vice President of Marketing Service, Cotton Incorporated


We are impressed by the agency’s strategic thinking and demonstrated creativity and feel confident that the campaign will be in good hands with such an enthusiastic team of professionals.

Allen Terhaar, Executive Director of Cotton Council International


DFS Group

Ruder Finn has been our regional communications partner for over a year now, and in that time, they have been key to our success in raising the quality and return on our communications work--on both consumer and corporate levels. Their dedicated professionals have helped us not only to open dialogues with more segments of the media, but also to deepen our engagement with our customers in China. Most importantly, their counsel is consistently strategic and informed by a strong combination of on-the-ground market expertise and global insights.

Evan Lewis, Vice President, Public Relations, Events & Corporate Communications, DFS Group


Emirates Airline

Ruder Finn is an extremely strong and efficient PR agency in the Asia-Pacific region for Emirates. The agency has garnered phenomenal coverage for Emirates across all media, including top-tier publications and new online media, in China and across all initiatives. Ruder Finn gave a standout performance and garnered excellent coverage for initiatives such as the Emirates-sponsored Arsenal lucky Chinese fan selection and the BMW Asian Open.

Media Relations Department, Emirates Airline


IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group)

Ruder Finn's tourism and hospitality team is a pleasure to work with. They are professional, reliable, have excellent knowledge of the hotel industry and strong media relationships. I am especially pleased with their ability to combine strategic thinking and planning with effective execution that achieves real results.

Birte Sebastian, Director, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Asia-Pacific



Longines has been working with Ruder Finn since 2010. The team has always provided professional, high quality and most of all immediate services that yield great efficiency and plenty of media mileage for Longines. We count on their service and our partnership to achieve broad and in-depth communication in China.

Dennis Li, Vice President, Longines China


Mead Johnson China

When partnering with Ruder Finn, their sense of responsibility, responsiveness, proactiveness, flexibility and the quality of work impressed us immensely. We are very satisfied with that and would like to thank the team very much for all their endeavours

Terence Chen, External Affairs Director, Mead Johnson China


Michelin China

Ruder Finn (Beijing Office) has been a trusted partner of Michelin China for more than 10 years. The team has been demonstrating an incredible commitment to our corporate and brand public relations, both for strategic planning and operational implementation. We do consider them as part of our team and appreciate their ability to face and overcome our daily challenges.

Patrice Cochin, Communications Director, Michelin China



MSD has been working with Ruder Finn for over six years and the partnership has benefited MSD tremendously. As a professional international PR agency, Ruder Finn meets our needs at all levels, from daily routines to challenging situations, and always provides value-added and insightful consultancy.

Kallen An, Public Affairs Manager, MSD China


The Philadelphia Orchestra

“… your support provided us with the opportunity to deliver artistic, educational, community and diplomatic events throughout China. Additionally, the public relations and media relations efforts of your entire team at Ruder Finn helped make this tour our best - and most visible -yet.

The Orchestra's new relationship with Ruder Finn is a meaningful one, and working with your team this year was a great new experience for all of us.”

Craig Hamilton, Vice President, Global Initiatives and Government Relations,2014



Our first event with Ruder Finn was such a success. Such an event could not have been so successful without the goodwill, commitment, passion, and hard work of the Key Leaders and their teams … I feel very proud of the overall picture of TRUSSARDI that we were able to convey to our guests and friends: we are not only a beautiful brand with a rich history and tradition of skill, but also a splendid family.

Gianni Butera, CEO of Trussardi (Asia-Pacific)


Tourism British Columbia

The team has our ongoing appreciation for innovative efforts and leading the way with online public/media relations and finding creative ways to expose BC. The agency's strengths are: media contacts and relationships; the team's understanding of the tourism industry; its growing understanding of the online program.

Cindy Gobin, Marketing Development Manager, Asia



Thank you! The website looks great! I love it!!!

Leona Zheng, Sales Manager, Asia


Tourism Toronto

This is good news for all of us. Thanks for your hard work and effort in promoting Ontario. I also want to thank you all for the support to our media FAMs in the province and hope we can work more closely in the future.

Grace Huang, Manager, China Market Development


Tourism Vancouver

Thanks for the report and for diligently managing our campaign. The final report provides a lot of insights and will be a valuable benchmarking tool for us going forward.

Darren Johner, Manager, Digital Marketing



I just wanted to pass on my compliments to you and your team for the excellent work done on the Chinese website. A project like this is complex enough without the added challenge of interpretation and having to pay attention to cultural nuances. Making it all come together in a way that is impactful, professional and engaging takes a dedicated team who spend the time and energy to understand not only the product and the message but also the audience. You followed our direction when it made sense, and you counselled us with other options when it didn't, and we appreciated that leadership.
We were equally as proud to let our staff and Board know about the launch of our new and improved Chinese website. It's an excellent piece of work and provides us with a strong foundation to build on

Stephen Pearce, Vice President, Leisure Travel & Destination Management